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PR Building

Creating a buzz about a special event or maximizing your exposure for a book/brand is the ultimate goal for a publicist. We help accomplish this goal by zoning in on a specific area that culminates well established radio, satellite TV, and digital print publications. 


News Coverage

Rize and React Media has booked and overseen numerous successful Media Tours for sports, consumer, healthcare, lifestyle, business, non-profit and other clients, resulting in thousands of impressions. Press Releases have also been a point of emphasis, as we know the proper technique to get you on the wires. 


Media Relationships

One of the most important things to capitalize on as a Publicist is building essential relationships with the media. Not only do we do this as a company, but individually we allow the client to build these relationships as well. Gaining notoriety and credibility within the media circle allows us and yourself the opportunity to be heard/seen on multiple platforms. 

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Our Mission

In the days of Giant PR Firms with over the top retainers, we at Rize and React Media keep things simplistic to get you the best results possible while being personable and sensitive to each one of our clients’ needs. We have numerous tiers of coverage and services that keep everyone in the mix. Whether it’s getting you or your press release on headline news, national radio, or in the bright lights of TV, we dive directly into the media world to show everyone who we represent!  


Knowledge and Experience

What do clients most often need? How can neglecting PR damage a business? These are questions we take very seriously as a public relations company. By adhering to our standards of quality and professionalism, our years of experience allow us to take media to new heights. 

Services Offered


Media Pitch Creation

Event Releases (One-Time and Recurring)

Press Releases (One-Time and Recurring)

Radio/TV/Print Interview Selections (Local and National)

Book Reviews

Social Media Placement & Much more.......

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We believe that a project with a great public relations company can make a great impact right from the start. Take the first step: contact us, and together, we will help you get your message, book or brand, to a bigger audience! 

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